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Future Directions


Forensic Pathology

  • Forensic Pathology Division

    1.Goal The goal of the division is to optimize the morgue, workplace bio-safety and improve the overall standard of medical examiners. 2. Objective The objective of Forensic Pathology Division is to accept commissions about the investigation and identification of medico-legal cases from the judiciaries. Forensic pathologists or medical examiners are appointed by the division to do the external viewing the corps or medico-legal autopsies with written reports of the cause of death, manners of death, etc.  The written reports do play a crucial role during the justiciary process.  The division also provides the training and education for the forensic talents, coroners, medical examiners and employs eminent forensic experts and scholars to participate in forensic practices.  3. Mission External view, Autopsy and management of the death investigation, Determination of the cause of death and manners of death, To identify the decease by physical anthropology, Evaluation and investigations of medico-legal documents, Determination and interpretive the cause of death and manners of death, Further documentation under inquiry, Collaborative crime scene investigation with death investigation.   4. Cultivation of Talent Arranging Academic Seminars on Forensic Science A Series of academic seminars on forensic science were given biweekly to reinforce the training of forensic talents. The purpose of the seminars is not only to learn experiences from the forensic experts but provide a platform of forensic scientist to meet the forensic specialist from other field and  elevate the forensic level of domestic forensic professionals.  This academic seminar can serve as references for the policy of forensic medicine and criminology. The Educational and Consulting committee elects a board-certified surgical pathologist annually for advanced study abroad and training professional talents. The purpose is to train a forensic pathologist in order to solve insufficiency of the forensic pathologist in Taiwan. The surgical pathologists who are elected and sent for advanced study abroad and accomplished the training for forensic pathology for half to full one year, will contribute their expertise to our country’s forensic pathology for years after their return. Through the conduction the symposium and workshop of the forensic medicine, the institute provides the experience exchanged among domestic forensic medical academia, enhances the knowledge and accomplish of forensic medical academia, and improves the knowledge and quality of attorneys, prosecutors, judge, coroner, medical examiners forensic scientist and criminal investigators.


Forensic Toxicology

  • Forensic Toxicology Division

    Post-Mortem Forensic Toxicology Toxicology is the examination of biological specimens for the presence of alcohol, drugs and other toxic substances. Biological specimens are collected at autopsy and can include the blood samples, urine, gastric and many others. The specimens are put through a battery of chemical tests and introduced to state of the art instrumentation such as Biochip Array, GC/FID, GC/MS, GC/QQQ/MS and LC/IT/MS, LC/QTOF/MS, LC/QQQ/MS.   Analysis Provided Determines the absence or presence of drugs and their metabolites, chemicals such as ethanol and other volatile substances, carbon monoxide and other gases, metals, and other toxic chemicals in human fluids and tissues, and evaluates their role as a determinant or contributory factor in the cause and manner of death. Basic Drug Screen Acid/Neutral Drug Screen Opiates Amphetamines Benzodiazepines New Psychoactive Substance(NPS) Alcohols Volatiles Carbon Monoxide Other Analyses   Certificate of Accreditation SOP for Quantitation of methanol, ethanol and acetone in biological specimens(TOX-SOP-10-01) SOP for Quantitation of Isopropanol in biological specimens(TOX-SOP-10-02) SOP for Quantitation of carboxyhemoglobin in biological specimens (TOX-SOP-10-04) SOP for Screening basic drugs in biological specimens by GC/MS(TOX-SOP-10-05) SOP for Screening basic drugs in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-06) SOP for Quantitation of amphetamines in biological specimens(TOX-SOP-10-07) SOP for Quantitation of opiates in biological specimens(TOX-SOP-10-08) SOP for Quantitation of Methanol, Ethanol, Acetone and Isopropanol in biological specimens by HS/GC/FID/MS(TOX-SOP-10-09) SOP for Quantitation of THC and its metabolites in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-10) SOP for Screening basic drugs in biological specimens by LC/QTOF/MS(TOX-SOP-10-11) SOP for Screening pesticides in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-15) SOP for Quantitation of Methomyl and Carbofuran in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-16) SOP for Quantitation of cocaine and metabolites in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-30) SOP for Quantitation of methadone and metabolites in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-31) SOP for Quantitation of ketamine and metabolites in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-32) SOP for Quantitation of Zaleplon, Zopiclone and Zolpidem in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-33) SOP for Quantitation of Paraquat, Diquat, Glyphosate and Glufosinate in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-35) SOP for Quantitation of Propofol in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-36) SOP for Quantitation of Fluoxetine and metabolites in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-37) SOP for Quantitation of Tramadol and metabolites in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-38) SOP for Quantitation of Mirtazapine and Clothiapine in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-39) SOP for Quantitation of Valproic acid in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS (TOX-SOP-10-40) SOP for Quantitation of cyanide in biological specimens by GC/MS(TOX-SOP-10-41) SOP for Quantitation of Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDA and MDMA in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-42) SOP for Quantitation of Buprenorphine and its metabolite in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-43) SOP for Quantitation of Meperidine and its metabolite in biological specimens by GC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-44) SOP for Quantitation of Quetiapine, Sertraline and Trazodone in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-45) SOP for Quantitation of Clonazepam and its metabolite in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-46) SOP for Quantitation of Lorazepam in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-47) SOP for Quantitation of Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepine and metabolites in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-48) SOP for Quantitation of Phenytoin in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-49) SOP for Quantitation of Phenobarbital in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS (TOX-SOP-10-50) SOP for Quantitation of Fentanyl and its metabolite in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-51) SOP for Quantitation of Haloperidol in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-52) SOP for Quantitation of chlordiazepoxide, diazepam, nordiazepam, oxazepam and temazepam in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-53) SOP for Quantitation of flunitrazepam and metabolites in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-54) SOP for Quantitation of flurazepam and metabolites in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-55) SOP for Quantitation of nimetazepam and metabolites in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-56) SOP for Quantitation of alprazolam and metabolite in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-57) SOP for Quantitation of TCAs in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS (TOX-SOP-10-66) SOP for Quantitation of PMA, PMMA and PMEA in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-71) SOP for Quantitation of 4-Cl-Amphetamine, 4-F-Amphetamine, 4-Cl-Methamphetamine and 4-F-Methamphetamine in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-72) SOP for Quantitation of Ethylone, Methylone and Pentylone in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS(TOX-SOP-10-73) SOP for Quantitation of N-Ethylpentylone、Dibutylone、Butylone in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS (TOX-SOP-10-74) SOP for Quantitation of Mephedrone and metabolite in biological specimen by LC/MS/MS (TOX-SOP-10-76) SOP for Quantitation of Eutylone、Pentylone in biological specimens by LC/MS/MS (TOX-SOP-10-79)  

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